Frequently asked questions


About the Free Guitar Lessons


Are the Free Guitar Lessons really free? How come?

Yes, they are. Participants pay only €50 for administration costs and a commitment fee of €50 (read below).


What’s the commitment fee?

When you join the Free Guitar Lessons, you pay €50; if you attend 11 out of the 12 lessons and play at the final concert, you get your €50 back. This is the way we found to make participants commit to the project, because it’s very important to have a steady group. Quitters ruin it for everybody!

I have never played the guitar, can I join the Free Guitar Lessons?

You are most welcomed! Absolute beginners and amateurs are the main audience of these lessons.

Are the Free Guitar Lessons for any musical level?

We advise these lessons mostly for beginners. More experienced players are welcome, but we’d advise to join our Music Collective project. We always do our best to try to make interesting for everyone!

Do I need a guitar of my own?

Well, you can borrow or kidnap someone else’s: but you definitely need a guitar for these lessons.

I don’t play the guitar, but I’d like to make music together. Can I join?

We always need singers, instrumentalists or any other musically interested person with a good vibe!