MusicVibes overview


about musicvibes

MusicVibes is a platform that organises events and activities that promote musical development in a social atmosphere. It aims to create opportunities that allow musicians of different backgrounds, levels and interests to:

  • meet-like minded people
  • develop their musical skills
  • interact and learn from professionals
  • broaden their personal network
  • have a lot of fun


MusicVibes was created by Rafael Fraga, musician and composer, and Edwin Hoogervorst, IT delivery manager and amateur guitarist.


Activities and events

MusicVibes presents:

MusicVibes also promotes and supports practising sessions, parties and casual meetings among members.


about musicvibesWho can participate?

MusicVibes promotes different events aiming to different types of audience. Our current activity is more directed to non-professional musicians: total beginners, self-taught musicians, singer-songwriters, amateur, intermediate performers, etc. Please check our activities and see what suits you better.



All MusicVibes activities are tutored by professional musicians, who perform regularly and teach in The Netherlands and abroad. are also part of our guest list.


Projects and proposals

Experienced musicians or other individuals related to music industry, arts and culture in general, are most welcomed to join our events or propose their own projects. Contact us.



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